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RCE Yellows installed

Got my Enkei PF07’s installed a couple of weeks ago.  Wheel gap was ridiculous.  Installed a set of RCE Yellows.  Five hours of my life.  Well worth it.

2016 Subaru STI Front Licence Plate Re-locator Mount When You Have a FMIC

Thanks to my buddy Jesse for helping me build this mount.

After having my FMIC installed I didn’t have a tow hook available on the front end of the car as the bumper beam was removed. ¬†We chopped up the beam and welded a piece of flat iron then made a bend. ¬†Worked out perfect.

Take a look at the pics.

Jake’s Booty Call

During the whole Y2K scare there was a Flash game called Jake’s Booty Call. Click through stories where you play Jake aka Big Pimpin. The first 10 episodes are in the menu.