Bill's Continuing Life


Some links to what I’m interested in.

Console Hacking – Playstation 3 hacking news – Wii hacking info

Usenet / Scene Info – Always a good place to grab the latest movie release info – Usenet search that is still public

Linux – In my opinion, one of the best Linux distros out there – Use to be – Linux software

Hacking – Hacking news – Home of nmap and some of my favorite mailing lists – Hacking news / defacement archive – Reverse Engineering

ExploitShop – Reverse Engineering

Politics – News on how the banks are fucking you

News – News with a different view – More news with a different view – Investigative reporting – Whistle blowing activism

Random – Always something interesting to read – Who doesn’t love craigslist? – More good reading – Can never go wrong with pictures and chat

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