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WMIC Basics, Part 1

I had never really used WMIC in the past, but now have at least a few tidbits to share.  If you have any experience in scripting vbs, then you are probably aware of the beautiful things you can do with WMI.  WMIC gives the functionality of vbs wmi commands to the command line.  Yay!  This […]

Exchange 2003 to 2010 Migration Public Folders not showing as Mail Enabled in 2010 even through they are in 2003

What a headache. I ran into an issue where Exchange 2010 claims that the mail enabled folders in the public folders show that they are mail disabled even though they show enabled in 2003. Information is from my experience.  YMMV. Don’t forget about having a good backup before trying any of this. Exchange 2010: [PS] […]

HowTo: Find switchport for a MAC Address on a Cisco Catalyst Switch

Thanks to: Lets start with an IP address on hand. If you have an IP address on hand quickly ping and check if the device is pingable. If yes, then simply logon to one of your core switches or routers and do a simple sh ip arp Core1# sh ip arp Protocol Address […]

Procmail auto replies for certain subject lines

A quick note on how to use procmail to auto reply for a message that contains a certain subject.  Place as your .procmailrc in your home folder. LOGFILE=$HOME/procmail.log VERBOSE=yes SHELL=/bin/bash :0 h * !^FROM_DAEMON * !^FROM_MAILER * !^X-NoLoop: noloop * ^Subject:*.Automatic.* | (formail -rt -A”X-NoLoop: noloop” ; cat message.txt) | sendmail :0 /dev/null

Unknown jobs in Netbackup 6.5.6

I ran into an issue with jobs listed as “Unknown” in the activity monitor.  Found this article at that helped out. Quick run down: 1. When there are no backup or restore jobs running, stop all NetBackup services/daemons on the master server 2. Delete any files with the same job ID as the hung jobs from the /usr/openv/netbackup/db/jobs/trylogs/ and /usr/openv/netbackup/db/jobs/ffilelogs/ […]