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E85 initial tune on the STI

After 2 weeks in the shop I finally got my car back.  JohnJohn at Infront Automotive in Auburn, WA did a awesome job.  I can’t believe the power this thing puts out.  Slams you into the seat when the turbo comes on.  Hard to keep up with the shifts in first and second.  Stephanie and I took a test drive while really getting on it. Average of 10.3 MPG on E85. Here are the dyno reports.

Note: The small dips at low RPMs are due to wheel slips on the dyno.

Stock vs E85 Tune with Full Boost

E85 Full Boost vs Super Unleaded 92 Octane Full Boost

E85 High Boost vs E85 Low Boost

E85 Low Boost vs Super Unleaded 92 Octane Low Boost

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