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A Good Read – Minds playing Tricks on Me

In one study, exposure to the fake ad led 16% of participants
to later claim that they had personally met Bugs at
Disneyland. This could not have occurred because Bugs
Bunny is a Warner Brothers character and would not be
found at Disneyland. This impossibility was far more colorfully
put by Andrew Malcolm in his unsigned (voice of
the paper) editorial in the Los Angeles Times: “the wascally
Warner Bros. Wabbit would be awwested on sight” at Disney
(“You Must Remember This,” 2003, p. 10). Follow-up
studies showed that even more individuals (25% in one
study; 36% in another) fell sway to the suggestion about
meeting Bugs after multiple exposures to fake ads featuring
Bugs Bunny (Grinley, 2002). What do people remember
about their encounter with this character whom they could
not have met? Of those recalling a personal encounter with
Bugs, 62% said they shook his hand, and 46% remembered
hugging him. Others remembered touching his ear or tail,
or even hearing him speak (“What’s up, Doc?”). These
false memories, thus, were imbued with sensory detail, just
the kind of sensory detail that people use as a cue to decide
whether a memory is true or false.

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