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Exchange 2003 to 2010 Migration Public Folders not showing as Mail Enabled in 2010 even through they are in 2003

What a headache. I ran into an issue where Exchange 2010 claims that the mail enabled folders in the public folders show that they are mail disabled even though they show enabled in 2003.

Information is from my experience.  YMMV.

Don’t forget about having a good backup before trying any of this.

Exchange 2010:

[PS] C:\temp>Get-PublicFolder "\Administrative Use\Postmaster" |fl Name, MailEnabled
Name : Postmaster
MailEnabled : False

Exchange 2003:













Sending mail to the assigned email address works. So, what to do to fix Exchange 2010.

I ran into a few articles that pointed me in the right direction:

This is where the fun starts.

Downloaded and installed ExFolders:

Launched ExFolders, then did a search of the Public folders for any folder that had a proxyaddress.  This gives us all mail enabled public folders.  While we are pulling this list, we should get the status of PR_PF_PROXY_REQUIRED.  This is what is causing the headache.

1.  Tools, Custom Bulk Operation

2.  Set the Base to all public folders

3.  Set Overall filter as (DS:proxyaddresses=*)

4.  Click Add under operations

5.  Choose Other folder properties

6.  Action: Export

7.  Choose a export file (e.g. c:\temp\export.txt)

8.  Set Properties to: PR_PF_PROXY_REQUIRED: 0x671F000B and click Add

9.  Click OK

10.  Click OK

This will export a file with all Public folders that need to be changed.

I used Excel to open the file as it makes for a much better reading experience.

Any folder that is listed as False or PropertyError: NotFound will need to be updated.

To update:

Go back into ExFolders:

1.  Right click on a folder that needs updating and choose Property Editor

2.  If PR_PF_PROXY_REQUIRED was set as false, located in the list and change to True

3.  If PR_PF_PROXY_REQUIRED was set as PropertyError: NotFound then you will need to added it.

3a.  Click Property, then Add property to view

3b.  Type the Proptag of 0x671F000B and click OK

4.  Go back to step 2.

Time to check to see if the changes have appeared in Exchange 2010
[PS] C:\temp>Get-PublicFolder "\Administrative Use\Postmaster" |fl name,mailenabled
Name : Postmaster
MailEnabled : True

Woohoo. Test to make sure that mail can still be delivered. Test, test, test.

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